What’s In A Name

We are friends from opposite sides of the USA. One from from the east coast and one from the west coast. We met in an online photography class in 2009. After many years of being friends and bouncing photography ideas off of each other, we decided we wanted to collaborate on a photography project. Having similar photography styles, yet still different and unique , we knew we could offer so much to others. That is how 1414 Coast2Coast was formed. We derived our name from a combination of our area codes (609 + 805 = 1414) and we are literally coast to coast.

I am Debra Nancy the face behind Debra Nancy Photography. 09-june-self-portrait_26_wordpress-photoI have been photographing portraits for the last two years, but more recently have been concentrating on still life and seascape photography. I am married to Brian and have one beautiful daughter, who was recently married this past August. I began my photography journey in 2009 after receiving a camera as a Christmas gift from my husband. Having been laid off from my job, I took online classes and read everything I could find on photography. Beginning in landscape photography, I later began experimenting in portrait photography and still life photography. I am completely self taught, and not of the film era. Always having an interest in some form of art, from painting to drawing, I have found my true artistic self in photography. Learning and sharing with others what I have learned along the way.

First and foremost, I am me … Carolyn … I love photography and pretty much all things carolyn-with-camera-smcreative. I love Jesus and plan to spend eternity with Him. I am married to Jim and we have 3 beautiful daughters and 9 grandchildren.
My photography business is Carolyn V Photography. I am a portrait and wedding photographer but started out my love of photography doing landscapes. Recently I’ve gotten into Still Life Photography. It’s such a great outlet for creative photography and is something I can do right in my own home.

Debra and I have never met in person, but hope to one day! 🙂  I’m learning more about her, even as I read her bio here. I realize that she and I have more in common than we knew before. I also have been interested in drawing and painting and am self taught except for a few online classes.

We invite you to join us through our blog by signing up for newsletter and by following us on Instagram @1414coast2coast. We will be happy to have you with us on our creative journey.

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