Take Two – The Cup

Deb here . . .

I am always intrigued at how two people perceive the same object. This Sunday’s post features how we both perceived photographing a cup.

For my interpretation, I took three of one of my favorite Starbucks cups. The saying is fun and a bit inspirational. If you are someone who loves a good cappuccino then you will understand how important the foam is to the experience of the cappuccino.  First, I start by visualizing how I want the final image to look. For this particular image I wanted to keep it somewhat monotone. Adding the flower petals and flower softened the hardness of the cups. I also added a slight texture to the photograph to give it an antique feel. I prefer to use objects in odd numbers, I find it more pleasing to the eye.  Finally, I added the saying written on the cup. I hope you enjoy my interpretation.


Carolyn here . . .

A cold rainy day is a good day to photograph a cup … and why not fill it with some yummy chai tea.  I thought I’d do a little fall set up with my cup, and for some reason I love rocks. This great box I got for a gift on a vacation a couple of years ago was sitting on the table I was using and it just seemed to fit perfectly with the other objects.

I enjoy so many different styles in photography. This is a favorite angle of mine.

Thanks for stopping in.


Have a fabulous Sunday everyone . . .

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