Free Choice – Two Views

Today’s images were of our own choosing.  We didn’t have a prompt, so it will be interesting to see what we have both chosen to photograph and our unique styles.

Hi everyone . . . for today’s image I chose an antique blue bottle.  I have been looking for a vintage blue bottle for quite some time.  This particular bottle is circa 1940 and it’s a light aqua blue.  After seeing the shade of the bottle, I knew the robin’s eggs and birds nest would be the perfect touch the bottle needed to add a bit of warmth to the coldness of the glass. Since the bottle is an antique, I decided to give the image an old feel.  Sadly, while designing the composition, the brown robin’s egg rolled off the table and broke, but I think it worked really well with the feel of the image. I also added a few textures from to make my vision a reality.  I hope you enjoy my vision for the blue bottle, and if you have any thoughts, I would love to hear from you. Until next time . . .  Deb

Good morning … I had a difficult time this morning coming up with an idea for my photo. And then I looked out my window and saw my lavendar bush. That’s always a good choice to photograph in my opinion. And then the watering can … an old toy that belonged to my granddaughter. It seemed to be the perfect container for this little bouquet of lavender and butterfly bush flowers. I love it when something that’s just laying around becomes the perfect item for … well anything. 🙂 I added a preset from and then the photo seemed to be perfection to me.

We appreciate you looking. Any comments or questions are welcome.


6 thoughts on “Free Choice – Two Views

    1. I do … I have several of them! I bring the flowers in to photograph them … for some reason though the flowers don’t have much fragrance to them. I don’t keep them inside for long though. 🙂

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