Free Choice – Two Views No. 2

Each Wednesday, Carolyn and I have a free choice day.  Free Choice is simply that, our own choice of what we feel like photographing for the week.  It’s always interesting to see what we each come up with. Today’s photographs are very different, have a look …23-october_landscape-template

Still Life has become a new favorite of mine. It’s a form of photographic art I can participate in within the walls of my own home. Something that makes me be still. I don’t know about you, but I long for stillness in my life, for that time of peace and for that time of quiet. 

Enter into the stillness inside your busy life. Become familiar with her ways. Grow to love her, feel her with all your heart and you will come to hear her silent music and become one with Love’s silent song. ~Noel Davis 

I gather my items … finding little treasures everywhere I go. My hope is to have some of my subjects be items that actually are treasures to me, things I’ve been given or items with special meaning. And then I add in the little pieces that make it art … a clipping from the flowers in my yard, a roll of twine, a cup of tea … whatever brings a little spark to my thoughts and I play in the quiet and enjoy. 

Be still and know that I am God. ~Psalm 46:10 

Here are my camera settings for this photo. Canon 6d, 50mm lens ISO 1000, f/3.5, 1/750. 

Until we meet again … Carolyn 

McKenzie is our puppy, well she  isn’t really a puppy anymore. McKenzie turned 11 years old in June of this year.  She is a West Highland White Terrier, otherwise known as a Westie. 

McKenzie is a very outspoken little white dog.  She actually speaks to us, when she wants something, she certainly let’s it be known.  I have had dogs prior to Kenzie, but none were as boisterous as she is.  McKenzie is a very energetic dog who loves to play with her toys, or woobies, as we call them.  She likes to cuddle, especially with my husband.  It’s for certain that Kenzie is my husband, Brian’s baby.  If she were to pick one of us, it would definitely be him.  He seems to have a special bond with her, maybe because he just has more patience with her energy than I do?  McKenzie is a real barker for sure! 

However, she is an extremely photogenic dog who has recently become very comfortable in front of the camera. This is the first photograph you are seeing of Kenzie, but as some have said to me, she is your trademark.  She appears in many of my photographs, so I hope you welcome her to the blog. 

Until next time . . . Deb

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