Two Twists on ‘Book’

In a good book, the best is between the lines. ~ Swedish Proverb

Whether or not that quote is true is uncertain to me. What I do know is that reading is a great way to pass your time among many other things. Today we’re seeing what twist Debra and I each take on our prompt for today which is ‘book’.

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What does a book mean to you? I’m sure for many people books are an escape from the reality of life. Sometimes, life can be difficult and a book lets us escape from that reality for a short while. Or May be a book can bring you to a far away place that you might not otherwise get to visit.

For me, books are that escape, but sometimes they are so much more. When I look at many objects, not just a book, but a vase or even a twine of string, I see so much more than the object I am looking at. For me, most objects make me start thinking about what I can do to make that object special. How can I turn an ordinary object into a beautiful photograph.

Today’s post is just that, an opportunity to create something I envisioned when I looked at the books sitting on the table in my studio. The books used in today’s post are antiques; I purchased them at a local antique store in Smithville Village. Oddly, I never opened either book until I photographed them for today’s post, oh, I’ve photographed them before but always closed. I thought for today’s post it might be nice to actually open the book and use a touch of autumn to add a bookmark. For this photograph, I used some colorful leaves tied by twine accented by some acorns, which I thought brought a nice warmth to the books, complimenting the green and blue of the book covers.

So there it is in a nutshell. I had a vision for today’s topic, and with a bit of autumn leaves and some twine, my vision became a reality.

The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Until next time … Deb

Both Debra and I compiled our list of ‘prompt’s’ for our blog post topics. Today happened to be one Debra chose. It’s interesting coming up with a photograph of something that you don’t initially have inspiration for.

Books are something I love. When my girls were young reading was a part of our daily life. We would gather around our wall heater in the morning … it may not sound like it, but it was a very cozy spot … or on the couch, depending on the season and read a book that would indeed take us away in our thoughts. We would anxiously gather each morning ready to see where the adventure would go that day.

In most of my years since my girls have grown I’ve taken to reading mostly books that teach me something … my life is so busy, I’ve felt I don’t have time for ‘escape’ type of reading. I did just read a wonderful fiction book though and loved it.

So, back to what I started with … our day’s prompt. Just as I see Debra said, most things I see, the creative side of my brain starts to work and I begin to wonder what type of photo art I might be able to create.

When someone gives the topic it can be a little more difficult. Today I had purchased the cyclamen and the color seemed to be a great combo with the color of this book I’m reading. Because I wanted a third object in my photo I went into my studio looking for a piece of ribbon and found this great piece that matches the cyclamen perfectly … And so my thought processes …

Camera settings: 50 mm lens – f/1.8, 1/5000, iso 250

Nice sharing with you … Carolyn

4 thoughts on “Two Twists on ‘Book’

  1. Lovely! And by the way, I agree with the proverb. I feel it reflects the sentiment behind your photos as well — that there is more to a book than the cover, the paper, the print, or even the words. The imagination of the author is revealed between the lines, which then pokes and prods at the imagination of the reader until something sparks within the heart.

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