Autumn Foliage

“Autumn . . . the year’s last loveliest smile.”

I suppose Autumn is the year’s last loveliest smile.  The trees are a beautiful red, yellow and orange. Autumn is the last we will see of colorful trees and flowers until Spring of next year.

30-october-blog-188_web img_1357-2

Autumn on the east coast is typically very colorful.  This year however, because of the number of heat waves we experienced during our summer months, and the lack of rain, the trees have not been as colorful as years past. Autumn is usually an extremely beautiful time of year in Southern New Jersey.  Yesterday, my husband and I took a ride to Batsto Village ( in hopes of finally finding some colorful trees.  This has been my third attempt at finding colorful foliage. Unfortunately, there were not too many colorful trees.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day in NJ, temperatures in the mid 70’s and crystal blue skies.  Sadly, no beautifully colored Autumn leaves.  There were a few trees with bright orange or red foliage, but nothing like years past.

As an elementary student, autumn would always mean leaf hunting, for a school project.  Well, this year I did some leaf hunting, while walking McKenzie, and it made me feel childlike as I searched for red, yellow and orange leaves.   My search sparked a photography project which I will share with you in Wednesday’s blog.  As I’ve gotten older, fall nights mean sitting beside the fire in the yard with my family, drinking a warm beverage and just relaxing.  After a long, hot summer, the cool autumn nights are always welcomed.  Hopefully, next year we have some beautiful foliage, but for now, I hope you enjoy today’s photograph from Batsto Village.

Until next time . . . Deb

The Central Coast of California doesn’t show a whole lot of color in the fall unless you’re near one of the many vineyards. They can be absolutely gorgeous this time of year.

My photo today is taken on El Pomar in Templeton California and specifically at Pomar Junction Winery. I chose this vineyard in particular because of the color in the leaves and the beautiful oak trees in the background.

Pomar Junction is actually one of my favorite spots to do portrait sessions (my clients too). There are some great props out back in addition to the vineyard that lays across the rolling hills that are prominent in our area.

If you ever travel to the Central Coast, I suggest the fall, the weather is nice and mild and the colors (in the vineyards) make great photo opportunities.

Camera Settings:

Canon 6d, Tamron 28-70 mm lens, f/3.5 1/1000, iso 100

See you on Wednesday … Carolyn

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