Free Choice – Two Views No. 3

It’s ‘free choice’ day … we’ve purposefully decided to not see what each other chooses until we’ve each taken our photo so that we just post what we feel like and don’t give in to a need to have our pictures compliment each other.

30 October - Foliage-117_logo.jpg Cyclamen sm logo.jpg

Today’s image is a bit different from my usual shooting style.  I am always in awe of images photographed top down, although I never seem to achieve the same affect that other photographers do, including Carolyn.  As I mentioned in Sunday’s blog, I collected the leaves used in this photograph while walking McKenzie.  The foliage was just beginning to change colors and there were several trees in my neighborhood that had fabulous color.  So in a very childlike way, I began to look for the best colors I could find.

This photograph was taken with me standing on a short stool, looking directly over the leaves which were arranged on a white foam board.  I had gently placed the twine, which I tied in a cute bow, around the leaves.  Once I had it all set to photograph, Kenzie felt the need to be closer to me, in a very cute and lovable way she moved close to me, so I  once again rearranged the leaves.

I used my Canon 5d Mark ii camera with my wide angel lens (Canon 24-105mm lens) until I had the correct perspective.  Once the photo was taken, I used a texture from Kim Klassen ( in Photoshop to achieve the note paper grunge effect.  I hope you all enjoy my first pleasing attempt at top down photography.

Until next time . . . Deb

Today our photos are so different! Both nature, but so very different. I’ve been enjoying this beautiful Cyclamen that I recently purchased. I’m loving the gorgeous shade of pink in these pretty flowers. Today I chose to shoot top down. This photo is actually part of a series of photos I’ve don’t in the past few weeks. The adorable little watering can was a toy my granddaughter use to play with. She left it at my house in the backyard, where it began to rust … and eventually it turned into the perfect photo prop. If you want to see more of the series, you can check the photos out here.

In today’s photo I used a very high depth of field to get a good blur and small area of focus.

Camera settings: (I always shoot with my Canon 6d) 50mm lens, f/1.8, 1/125, iso 320

Hoping these photos brighten your day!


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