Local Landmarks – east & west

“There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.”

Today, Carolyn and I share a local landmark from each coast of the USA.  It’s interesting, since I’ve never been to California or the west coast, to see how different that part of our country is.  I imagine Carolyn might feel the same about NJ and the east coast.

02-nov_local-landmark_hdr2_logo carolyn_MG_7870 sm logo.jpg

First, some history of the Ocean City Music Pier.  The Ocean City Music Pier dates back to 1928 when construction began to create a new concert hall for the community that had just lost a large portion of the boardwalk to a fire in 1927. The Music Pier that you see today was dedicated on July 4, 1929 with much fanfare.

Today the pier is known for stand up comedy to musicals, and from soloists to the Ocean City Pops orchestra.  The Ocean City Pops has a summer concert series from July through October that showcases the beautiful music of the orchestra.

During the summer months, Ocean City is always crowded with local visitors and beach goers from afar.  Although we visit Ocean City during the summer months, we truly love to visit after Labor Day, when all of the visitors are long gone.  Once the crowds have returned home, locals have the beach all to themselves.  The photo I am sharing with you today, was taken on Wednesday evening at 6pm.  For a November evening, it was unusually warm, but as we walked along the boardwalk, you could feel a chill in the air.  The sun was just setting, my how quickly the sun sets this time of year.  The sky was just beginning to display beautiful shades of pink, purple and various shades of blue.  The music pier is a building of quiet beauty, painted in a beautiful shade of pink with accents of tan which seem to represent the color of sand.

I don’t know if the music pier is an “official” landmark in NJ, but it’s a landmark very well known in this area.  I hope you have enjoyed the brief history and my sunset photograph of the Music Pier in Ocean City, NJ.

Until next time . . . Deb

California has 21 Spanish missions, established by the Catholic priests. The idea was to expand Christianity among the Native Americans and colonization into this north western state.

The mission that I’m sharing today is Mission San Miguel Archangel. It’s located on Highway 101 in the town of San Miguel, about 20 miles north of where I live. You feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you come to the mission. The structure made of adobe, stone, tile and huge rustic wood is beautifully laid out on about a half an acre of land.

While the mission is open daily holding mass for locals, it is also a place for tourists to stop. I personally have used it as a location for photo sessions. The beautiful arches, stone walls, fountain and so much more provide striking backdrops.

The bell wall, which I chose to share with you today, is the first thing you see as you approach the mission coming from the south. If you ever visit California I encourage you to visit the missions, as they are incredible to see and experience and a wonderful part of our history.

See you on Sunday … Carolyn

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