Free Choice – Two Views No. 5

Life is a work of art … find your stillness within it.

16 November - Free Choice-20_logo.jpg Berries in Glass Vase logo.jpg

Quiet the mind and the soul shall speakMa Jaya Sati Bhagavati ∼ In my very hectic life, I sometimes feel as though I need to slow down and retreat into myself. I began still life photography, very seriously, last December. I was run ragged between work, and photo sessions, so I decided to take a break and try my hand at something quiet and introspective.

I have been a follower of Kim Klassen from her early days and have admired her work immensely. My thinking was to possibly take one of her classes and see how the peacefulness of photographing objects might help me with the stress in my life and find myself again through my photography. Oddly enough, she was offering a class called “My Still Sunday”, so I joined. Fast forward to today, and it most has definitely helped!

I now enjoy the quiet and thought process involved in photographing still life scenes.  Much thought and work goes into making a still life photograph look, and more importantly, feel as if you were with me not just physically, but emotionally. Today’s photograph is of daisies, one of my favorite flowers. For me, daisies signify happiness.  They are light and airy and just make me feel happy. The container I’m showing them in is also one of my favorites. I purchased this container for very little, but it seems to make my still life photographs feel magical!

My  hope is that my image today brings you peace and quiet in your busy life, as it does mine.

Until next time . . . Deb

We each need a place of stillness in our lives. Our bodies actually require it … I suppose that’s why we sleep … 🙂 But seriously, throughout the day you need those moments of being still just to keep up on the busyness of life.

One of the things I do in order to enjoy stillness is taking photographs. This is a way that I can escape my crazy schedule and think about nothing that is really serious or necessary. It brings out a new creativity in me that I have recently discovered.

Not a whole lot of thought went into this photo. I love the red berries and picked them with the intention of photographing them. They are just one of the many things that catch my eye as I’m wandering around taking care of my daily tasks. The clear glass vase I purchased at the dollar store also for photography purposes. The simplicity of the shot was perfect for me in this busy week of mine.

Another thing I personally do to find stillness is spend time reading … mainly my Bible, but I read other books as well. And I love listening to worship music. These things calm me and take me away in my thoughts to a peaceful place.

A few suggestions for you on finding stillness would be:

read a book
take a walk
listen to music
do something creative like paint, draw, color, write, take pictures

… be still

Camera settings: 85mm, 1/45, f/2.8, iso 100

I hope you’ll find that place of stillness in the midst of your busy days.

See you on Friday.


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