Adventure just outside your Window

“Set wide the Window. Let me drink the day.” ∼ Edith Wharton

In today’s photographs Carolyn and I wanted to show our views on windows (no pun intended). Oddly, once again, our photographs compliment each other.  Although we had a prompt for the day, we did not know what the other was photographing.  Take a look …

smithville-december-2015-13_logo window-lighting-logo

When I was a child, my mom would take us window shopping, now that I am an adult, I still enjoy this long ago pastime activity.  The definition of window shopping, according to the Cambridge dictionary is the activity of looking at products without buying them.  During the Christmas and holiday season many stores and establishments decorate their windows just for this purpose.  One example would be in New York City, many people who visit NYC during the holiday season visit many of the major department stores where magnificent window scenes are on display, often lines will form around the buildings just to see the store windows so spectators can window shop.

The Village Shoppes near my home also decorate their windows with beautiful items and lights just for the Christmas and holiday season.  I’m sure many items are sold during the holiday season, but I would venture to say, that many more people simply window shop.  This small shopping area is magical when you arrive during the evening hours and are witness to the many Christmas lights adorning all of the shops and restaurants, not to mention the Christmas tree light show on the lake.

The photograph I am sharing with you today was taken during a photowalk with some friends from my camera club.  Last December was extremely warm in NJ and we decided to take advantage of the unusual warmth, so we went on a photowalk and window shopped.  A photo walk is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking photographs.  It’s typically organized by camera clubs or people who have an interest in photography. Some of you may be familiar with Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk , each year Scott Kelby organizes a worldwide photowalk, where people organize, in different cities, to gather for the sole purpose of taking photographs and sharing those photographs with each other.  The Photowalk also encourages it’s participants to make a donation to a charity chosen for that particular year.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into window shopping, and I hope you find time to window shop this holiday season.  If you are interested in seeing more of my work, please visit me here .

Until next time . . . Deb

The afternoon sunlight making its way through the lattice and the sheers provides a soft orange glow in my dining room. This lighting is irresistible for me and causes me to quickly grab my camera and attempt capturing it before this glorious moment fades into darkness.

I’ve missed the light many times and as you’ve probably noticed on your own, catching the light is an important part of photography. Lighting can make or break an image.

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.
Aaron Rose

Does catching beautiful light interest you? If so, here are a few tips for you.

  • Pay attention to the lighting in your home at different times of the day
  • Put a little display up and take pictures of it in the morning, midday and late afternoon/evening
  • Decide which light you like best – you might like all three! They will each provide a completely different image for you.
  • Take note of your camera settings for each of the photos

Camera Settings: 50mm, 1/90, f/4.0, iso 500

To see more of my work you can go here.

See you in a few days …


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