Three – Her View and Mine

We’re as different as different can be today. Debra with her landscape and me with my still life.

20 November - 3-85_logo.jpg _MG_9562 logo.jpg

Three is a common theme in photography, we are taught to use the rule of thirds when composing or to use groups of three or odd numbers.  So this got me thinking, what does the number three refer to and why is it such a prominent theme in photography.  The number three can refer to many things; three is the first number that forms a geometrical figure – the triangle; three is the number of time: Past Present Future; Birth Life Death; Beginning Middle End. I’m sure there are other meanings for the number three, however, in photography the number three often refers to the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds simply states that a piece should be divided into nine squares of equal size, with two horizontal lines intersecting two vertical lines.

When photographers, or any artist, uses the rule of thirds in their compositions, it creates a more interesting piece of art, it is meant to direct the viewers eye to key areas of a photograph or painting.  Photographers are taught early on to design their compositions using this method.  That being said, it is merely a rule, and rules as we know, are meant to be broken.  Although, many compositions follow the rule of thirds, knowing how to use it, gives an artist the creative right to break that rule.  Sometimes, a composition speaks louder and is more creative when not adhering to rules. The rule of thirds was first written down more than 200 years ago and is often still used in many forms of art today.

Groupings in odd numbers are also used to create a more visually appealing composition.  Even numbers are symmetrical, but odd numbers, are more captivating.  By using an odd number in your displays or groupings it forces your eye to move around the display creating visual interest.

Today’s image was taken yesterday in Ocean City, NJ.  The weather was exceptionally warm for November and many beach-goers were out enjoying the warmth and sunshine. In this image I used three objects (gulls), which I often do, I also used the rule of thirds for this composition.  I felt that the rule of thirds worked well, it brings your eye to the points of interest that I wanted it to, the gulls.

Until next time … Deb

Knitting is a new skill I’ve added to my arsenal. 🙂 My good friend Jeanette, taught a class a couple of years ago and I found something I love! Besides the act of knitting, taking photographs of yarn and other needed supplies is something I really enjoy.

Like Debra mentioned, the number 3 has significance in photography. My photograph meets the Rule of Thirds and using an odd number. Each of these rules draws your eye to the subject.

Placing my subject with some empty space as I did in my Balls of Yarn photo is another way to make the subject stand out. Color is someting I enjoy and these three colors are favorites of mine. I chose to use a wide open depth of field to highlight the yarn and used a Kim Klassen preset in Lightroom to add some character to an otherwise very simple subject … nothing is ordinary … right!?

In my editing, I use both Lightroom and Photoshop. I tend to use Lightroom more for my still life photography and Photoshop more for my portraits, but you can use both for either type of photography.

Camera settings: 50 mm, 1/180, f/1.8, iso 200

For more editing tips or to see more of my work, you can go here.

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