Free Choice – Two Views No. 6

By choosing our path, we choose our destination ∼ Monson

Today Carolyn and I are posting our 6th free choice topic.  Time goes by so quickly, it’s difficult to believe how quickly it goes by.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, we would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  There is so much to be thankful for …

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Why does time go so fast?  I know it’s a question I often ask myself, as do many of you I would imagine.  It seems the older I get the faster time seems to go.  I know when I was in my teens, it seemed like time was endless.  As I entered my twenties, time went a bit quicker, or so it seemed, but still not as fast as it does today.  Once I became a mom, my how the years just flew by.  So why does time seem to go by so quickly?

One thought I’ve had that may or may not make sense, is that I am always anticipating the next event that is supposed to happen.  For example, I could not wait for my daughter to get engaged, the excitement and fun in planning an engagement party.  Then I couldn’t wait for the bridal shower, and her wedding.  Always wishing the next big event would be here, be happening now.  The anticipation and joy of planning the event didn’t seem to be enough, I could not wait for the event to happen.  Well, that year of planning and big events went by in the blink of an eye.  My daughter will be married 3 months next week.  The next logical big event, would be a baby shower.  No, there is no baby shower being planned any time soon.  But, logically, that would be the next big event.  A friend at work, is always saying to me “stop wishing your life away”, and she would be absolutely correct when she states this.

Here is the conclusion I’ve arrived at … I truly believe time goes by so quickly because all of us look for the next event to happen.  Whether it’s the weekend, a vacation, or a wedding, all of us, look forward to what is going to happen next.   It’s this simple yearning for what is in the future, not what is in the now, that makes time seem to go by so quickly.  This brings me to my image today, it is of a vintage clock that I thought was interesting in it’s style, but more importantly it’s the time on the clock.  I think many can relate to three o’clock.  It’s the time of the afternoon that we all feel a bit sleepy, look for a cup of coffee perhaps, to perk us up.  It seems at three o’clock, the day is almost over and the time to go home will be upon us soon.  Wishing, always wishing for what is going to happen but not what is happening.  Perhaps, if I stop always looking for the next “thing” to happen, time would slow down.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our followers and thank you for being a part of our journey, it couldn’t happen if you weren’t part of it.  If you would like to see more of my work, please visit my website here.

Until next time … Deb

One of my goals in life is to always look for the beauty or the good in whatever I come across.

Beauty can be found in all stages of life. In nature, from the seed to early stages of the bloom, to the mature flower. And then even in the very last stage when the petals of the flower are just hanging on with that tiny bit of life left in the stem.

I am a portrait photographer and meet so many people.  As I meet them and begin to hear them talk, I hear that so many are concerned about this or that flaw or sign of aging.  My job is to help them to feel beautiful and to bring out their beauty in my photographs.  If only we could all be confident in who we are.  Just as in nature, there is beauty in every stage of life, from the newborn infant to the man or woman covered in wrinkles.

life is a succession of moments, 

live in the beauty each provides

Camera Settings: 24-80mm shot at 75mm, 1/60th, f/2.8 ISO 400. Too see more of my work, you can go here.

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4 thoughts on “Free Choice – Two Views No. 6

  1. Wishing you girls and your families a Blessed and Thankful Thanksgiving. Debra, it’s so true, we are always looking ahead to what may happen, such as, selling our home, moving next year. But, we need to concentrate on the present time of our life. Enjoy the Season! Gail

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