the earth laughs in flowers

Even in winter we have the beauty of flowers.

25-november-flowers-52_logo white-roses-logo

“I must have flowers, always,and always.” ∼ Claude Monet

The weather has turned colder and the days are shorter.  Summer is but a mere memory, but there is one thing that can bring a hint of summer back, flowers.  Flowers are always light and airy, cheerful and full of life.  There are many varieties of flowers, some have special meanings, roses for example, symbolize love.   Daisies, which are one of my favorite flowers, symbolize innocence and purity.  Who as a child, didn’t pull petals of daisies, chanting the saying “he (she) loves me, he (she) loves me not,” always secretly hoping you landed on he (she) loves me.  A silly childhood game, but all these years later it still is a fond memory.

For today’s image, I chose to photograph a very close up composition, otherwise known as macro photography.  Canon, which is my camera of choice, and Nikon each have their own version of close up lenses Canon calls their lens macro and Nikon calls their lens micro, both lenses achieve the same end result, to photograph an object extremely close up.

When using a macro lens for the first time, it’s a bit of an adjustment, but the excitement of seeing an object that close up is amazing and exciting.  It’s addictive when you first begin using this type of lens.  Some people prefer to photograph bugs up close, which is pretty interesting, but I really prefer to photograph flowers this way.  When you shoot wide open, it means to open the aperture (size of the opening in the lens) as wide as it can go for that particular lens. The wider you open the aperture, the more shallow the depth of field, creating a sharp point and a blurry surrounding area. As you can see in my image, I focused on the center of the flower, so the center is in focus and sharp and the outlying ares is blurred.  I use this type of style often, I find it to be very pleasing and I love the blurred edges which brings the viewers eye to where I want it to be.

My camera setting for this image were: 100mm; f/4; 1/13 sec.; ISO 800.  I took this photo at 6:56 pm, which at this time of year is already dark on the east coast, therefore I had to bump up the ISO, normally I would shoot at ISO 100, but it’s nice to know this feature is available when needed.

Thanks for stopping by and if you want to view more of my work please visit me here. Until next time … Deb

Today I’m excited about our flower choices. As you may or may not remember, Debra and I have the same topic, but don’t look at each other’s photograph until we have taken ours. The reason for that is just to see how similar or different our choices are for each day. Today we have white flowers. That makes me happy. 🙂 Not that they are specifically white, but that we were led in the same direction.

_mg_9870-1-smWhen I took my shot I actually took it in portrait/vertical view. I cropped it in landscape/horizontal view so it would fit in the area we are displaying it, but I really like the original view better. What do you think? It really is all a matter of taste. I do happen to like the way the light is coming in through my window and that is probably why I’m partial to this view. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Photography is such a great form of art. When I first started, I didn’t think that. I suppose that’s because I went from being a watercolor artist to a photographer. Painting is time consuming and requires quite a lot of creativity and skill. After practicing photography for all of these years, I realize that it too requires so much creativity and skill.

My editing was mainly done in Lightroom using a Kim Klassen preset with a little tweaking of it on my part.

Camera Settings: 28-75mm lens at 75mm, 1/1500, f/2.8, iso 400

We appreciate you stopping in to take a look. You can click here to see more of my work, or here to follow us via email.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!


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