What I See Around Me – Week 1

‘What I See Around Me’ is our topic for Sundays in December. It will be anything … the landscape around us, a view of our winter weather, our morning cup of coffee, or just whatever we choose. It should be a fun month.

04 December - What I see around me-51-logo.jpg shell-sm

Leeds Point is a section within the township of Galloway where I live. Most of the people born and raised in this area believe in the Jersey Devil.  The Jersey Devil was born in Leeds Point.  The legend claims that in 1735, the thirteenth child of Mrs. Leeds from the community was transformed into a demon shortly after its birth.  Many who were born and raised in this area believe in this folklore, but for those of us who were not born and raised here, it’s just a legend.

The area where I photographed today’s image was taken in Leeds Point. The Oyster Creek Inn is a restaurant directly behind the marsh where this photograph was shot.  In the summer months, this restaurant is buzzing with live music, and many people eating and drinking.  They has a dock right outside the restaurant, so many boaters pull up, tie their boats and enjoy the evening at the restaurant.  However, in the winter months it’s a bit less crowded, to say the least.  Mostly only local people frequent the restaurant in the colder months.

My image was taken of the marsh, and for anyone who follows my Instagram photography page you have seen some of my summer photographs.  The contrast from summer to winter is amazing.  However, in the colder months, there is a peacefulness that takes place in the shore towns.  Whether you are at the beach,or a small area such as this, the quiet and serenity is welcomed.  In the winter months you are able to hear the wind whipping, smell the salt air and the quiet is just amazing.  There is a difference in the color of the sky, the texture and darkness in the clouds, and not to mention the lack of green everywhere.  I’m most definitely a summer person, I don’t like the cold or the snow, but I do find a definite peacefulness to the emptiness of the entire area during the winter months.  I hope you are able to feel the wind while you look at the ripples in the water, because the wind was quite strong while I took this photograph. Winter has not arrived officially yet, but judging from today, it sure feels like it’s here for quite a while.  My photo is a stark contrast to Carolyn’s beach shot!  The New Jersey shore area is extremely flat and Carolyn’s shore area looks quite the opposite.  I hope you enjoyed the little bit of folklore from my town.  If you have any legends from where you live I hope you share them with us.

If you are interested in seeing more of my photographs, please visit me here.

Until next time … Deb


Just north of Pismo Beach there’s a long staircase that leads you down to a small section of the California Coast called Shell Beach. It’s high cliffs and gigantic rocks lift up out of the ocean’s edge and provide a surface for the waves to crash against. When the tide is out you can easily get to either side of the staircase. When it’s in, you can only view this beach from the stairs or the cliffs above. The rugged cliffs also house a couple of caves. One leads you through to the other side of the beach … a spot I’ve yet to be able to see because of the tide. A little further to the south is an area called Dinosaur Caves. There isn’t any public access these days, but has some beautiful sections.


My home is about 40 minutes from this beautiful spot, so I don’t get there nearly as often as I would like. Many people want their photos taken at the beach though, so I take advantage and usually plan on going a little early or staying a little late to get a landscape shot or two in and just to enjoy the sound of the waves.

My photo today was taken at about 9:30 in the morning during Thanksgiving week, actually right in the middle of a photo session. This shot didn’t take a whole lot of thought. The sky was blue and the colors rich. I composed my shot, going for the rule of thirds, trying not to cut it directly down the middle with the ocean on one side and land on the other. And then went straight down the stairs to meet my client. 🙂 To see some of my portrait photography, other landscapes or get photo tips, you can visit my site here or sign up for this blog here.

Camera Settings: 85mm, 1/750, f/5.6 ISO 100

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