January – two stories

“Dear January, please give a little love to me.”

13-january_16_cupcake_logo January logo.jpg

January is a very cold, long month.  I’ve always found it to be a bit depressing, it’s the first real month of true winter weather, Christmas has passed, all of the cheer and festive lights are now gone.  I was born in January, the 19th to exact and I will be celebrating my birthday next week.  As a child, I always longed for a summer birthday, warm weather, no school, swimming and just plain fun.

My mom always treated each of our birthdays as a very special day.  In her eyes, it was your day, all yours.  She would make each of us our favorite dinner and favorite cake.  Mine was always eggplant parmigiana and chocolate cake with whipped cream.  To this day, that cake is still my absolute favorite.

In recent years, my daughter and I have started our own tradition, each year we go for massages and then out to lunch.  It’s such a wonderful day and I look forward to spending it with her each year.  Then my husband and I will go out for a fun birthday dinner with the kids.  Finding the ‘special’ and celebrating it on your day is really what birthdays are all about, no matter what the weather, or time of year, it’s about the love you receive and the love you give that makes birthdays so special.

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Until next time … Deb

January is the title of my photo … an easy one I suppose. The beginning of a new year. The name January is known to be named after Janus, in Roman mythology and means new beginnings and transition.

January is a good month this year. A good ‘new beginning ‘ for us. We’re getting a good amount of rain here on California’s Central Coast. Water is running off the green hills and mountains and has brought so much life to us. The low areas are looking like ponds and our creeks and the Salinas River are filling up. Unfortunately,  I don’t expect the standing water to last but it does give us all here a good feeling.

For me, one of those new beginnings is asking God for ‘one word’ that would be my focus for the year. This year my word is breathe. I’m super excited about it and what I believe it will add to my life.

Thank you for taking the time to stop and to read.

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3 thoughts on “January – two stories

  1. Thank you ladies for great stories. In my family, I can not remember birthday’s except for my sweet 16, and I don’t want to go there LOL. Maybe, this is why I really think it’s just another day. However, my husband’s family of 5 was a lot different…on their birthday’s would be cake, ice cream and the gang. Happy Birthday Debra! And very happy it’s raining in CA…hope it helps (without the flooding).

    1. Thanks Gail, I’m glad you enjoyed the stories. I guess birthdays are traditions like so many other things. I think my mom made them so special for us because she didn’t have that as a child, so she gave it to us. Thanks! Debra

    2. Thank you Gail! Yes … we’re so happy too. The hills where I live are all green now and there’s even standing water in different places. No chance of flooding where I live … we definitely don’t need that part of rain! 🙂 Carolyn

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