One Sunday in January

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This afternoon we had a bit of a scare with McKenzie.  Some neighborhood dogs attacked her, she was terrified and so was I.  After we both calmed down, she was fine.  She wasn’t hurt in any way, but what a terrible scare.  She has become very well known in my photographs.  It’s been a recent transition, that she doesn’t mind having her photo taken.  In the past, she would run, and I mean run fast, as soon as the camera came out.  I’m not really sure when that all changed, but I am so grateful and really love photographing her, she has a great personality.  I’ve never had a dog who spoke to me, but she really does speak to us.

She is such a large part of our family, we are empty nesters now, it’s truly not as terrible as it sounds, so Kenzie has become the center of our attention.  So after our traumatic walk, I began thinking, what do animals truly mean to humans.  Many of us own, either a dog or a cat and they become family members.  We are happy when they are happy, and sad when they are sad.  Not to mention when they get sick, it’s truly like having another child, the emotion can be overwhelming at times.  Animals are always there for you, to greet you every time you come home and always there by your side no matter what.

McKenzie came to be ours a year after our first dog, Teddy passed away.  Teddy was an Akita, very large and gentle.  McKenzie is the complete opposite in many way, she is small and a bit louder than Teddy. Whatever her traits, she is part of our family and we love her beyond words.  If you have a favorite pet, I would love to hear your stories about your loved family member.  I invite you to view more of my work here.

Enjoy your Sunday, until next time … Deb

It was a rainy wintery day here in Atascadero. My grandson’s basketball game was at the Junior High. This was my first time to walk on campus and get a view of the back courtyard of the newly built brick school. The rain made it difficult to look around much, but I could see that they had done such a nice job creating an area for the classes to join together for various programs or just hanging out.

Atascadero is a small town with just one public Junior High and one High School. In 1982 when we moved to the area the population was 16,000. It has now grown to right around 30,000. You really can’t tell the town has doubled in size. Shopping is limited, with Kmart as our only large store and various small shops. We do seem to have an over abundance of drug stores and several grocery stores though.

Our town is nestled among the oak trees and it’s name means ‘place of much water’ or ‘mud hole’ … whichever you prefer to use. 🙂 I prefer the first … a much nicer way of describing this little bedroom community that feels as though it is quickly coming out of the drought we’ve been in.

And so … on that rainy day, I grabbed my umbrella and Jim pulled his jacket high around his neck as we quickly walked around the back side of this great new two-story building where three of our grandchildren currently spend their days. Once we got past the nice cement areas, there were chain link fences and mud puddles to try to miss, all the while making sure we didn’t slip and fall while trying to get to the game on time.

And we did. Just in time to see Andre make the first basket of the game … a three pointer at that!

Camera Settings 100mm, 1/125, f/11, ISO 500

Thanks again for reading … Carolyn

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