Coast 2 Coast Landscapes

You can shake the sand from your shoes, but it will never leave your soul.

barnegat-light-27_sized-8x10 img_0765

Old Barney

I began my photographic journey in 2009, always intrigued with Lighthouses, my husband and I planned a trip to Maine to photograph four lighthouses.  I am not sure why, but I absolutely love lighthouses.  Maybe it’s the history behind them, or that they are near the water, honestly I’m not sure, but I do know that I love looking at them and photographing them.

Barnegat Lighthouse or Old Barney as it is commonly referred to is located about 40 minutes north of where I live, on the northern tip of Long Beach Island.  Barnegat Light was commissioned on January 1, 1859. The tower light was 172 feet (52 m) above sea level and the lighthouse itself was 163 feet (50 m) tall, four times taller than the original. The new light was a first-order flashing Fresnel lens, which stood about 12 feet (3.7 m) tall. The total cost of the project was about $40,000, with the lens alone costing $15,000. The current lighthouse is really two towers in one: the exterior conical tower covers a cylindrical tower on the inside.  In 1988, the tower was closed for construction of the new south jetty, then reopened to visitors in 1991 with a new walkway on top of the jetty. The top of the lighthouse is accessible via its 217 steps and continues to attract in excess of half a million visitors year round (Wikipedia).

On January 1, 2009, at 5:00 pm, the 150th anniversary of its opening, Barnegat Lighthouse activated its beacon for the first time since before World War II (Wikipedia).  Old Barney is an absolutely beautiful lighthouse and it you are up to climbing the 217 stairs to the top it is well worth the view.  Today when we visited the weather was warm for January but still cold near the water.  Although it was very overcast and foggy, it added to the intrigue of the photograph.  I included the long jetty which wraps around the waterway leading you to the beach at the end.  I’ve been to Barnegat Light many times, but never walked all the way to the end of the jetty, it was quite a long walk in the cold.  When we reached the end, my husband and I were amazed at how the beach wrapped around, we had never been to this side of the beach before.  I wanted to show the jetty as well as the lighthouse, so I used my wide angel lens to get a wide view of the jetty that leads up to the lighthouse. I think the color of the rocks in the jetty are amazing and add to the beauty of Barnegat Light.

Thanks for taking the journey to Barnegat Light with me.  Until next time … Debra

Morning Light on Yosemite

The rains just keep coming here on the Central Coast, giving California some much needed rain. There are new ponds everywhere, the Salinas River and other local creeks are rushing, the landscape is covered with green grass. I’m thanking God for pouring the ran down on us!

On this cold wintry day the sun was just peeping through the clouds providing a gorgeous display of oranges, yellows and blue. As I headed down my driveway towards town I had to stop and capture the incredible light and color.

We moved out here almost 13 years ago. We had raised our girls in Atascadero and the opportunity came up to buy this piece of property which we quickly built a house on. It’s a bit of a drive from town, but the days are quiet and give me the serenity I need in this busy life I live.

Today I shot with my 50mm lens, not my normal choice for landscape photography but it was the only lens I had with me. It served my purpose, although I did have to crop a bit to get some of the extra out of the frame.

I’d love it if you checked out more of my landscape work here.


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