California to New Jersey

grounds-for-sculpture_2_shower_logo _MG_0861 logo.jpg

An Afternoon at Grounds for Sculpture

During the month of October, my husband and I were on vacation.  After a very expensive year of wedding costs, we decided to have a staycation.  We had been planning a trip to Grounds for Sculpture located in Hamilton, NJ and this particular day the weather was perfect, so we set out for this museum known for its outdoor sculptures.  I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting, perhaps something along the lines of Longwood Gardens.

When we arrived at the entrance and made our way through the parking lot, leading up to the building, I knew it was nothing like Longwood Gardens.  For those who are not from the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area, Longwood Gardens is magnificent and it is just garden after garden of beautifully designed flowers.  It is absolutely breathtaking at Christmas. However, this trip was completely different than what I had envisioned.

Sculptures bigger than life were carefully staged throughout the grounds.  In 1984, J. Seward Johnson, sculptor, and philanthropist, envisioned a public sculpture garden and museum in Hamilton, NJ.  His desire was to make contemporary sculpture accessible and offer people from all backgrounds the opportunity to become comfortable with contemporary art. Grounds For Sculpture was conceived as a place where audiences could experience sculpture in a familiar, accessible, and informal setting.

The photo I am sharing with you today had me completely taken aback. It was staged as though the woman was showering, complete with music, which she was singing to, completely out of tune, but she was singing word for word. The clothing you see hanging had such exact detail, depicting actual clothing.  Each sculpture was carefully staged to look as though you had stepped back in time, right down to the hair styles and clothing.  Such a  magical place and if you ever have the opportunity to visit NJ, I would highly recommend you visit Grounds for Sculpture.  It is also located about 20 minutes from Princeton University, which is another magnificent day of photo taking, not to mention history.

Thanks for sharing my journey through Grounds for Sculptures.  Until next time … Deb

Experiencing winter on the coast can be an exceptionally exciting experience. This particular weekend proved that to be true. We arrived in the little beach town, Cayucos on Friday morning, fighting our way through the high winds and heavy rains. The road we would normally have taken was closed due to mudslides, so we had to take the long way around. I chose to go through San Luis Obispo on my husband’s advice. It was the route with fewer mountains. On this day, though, it didn’t prove to have any less rain or wind. After a very tense driving experience, I arrived at the destination and was safe and sound inside a very cozy home. My friends arrived shortly after.

Throughout the weekend the seas were strong with big waves and lots of noise coming from the pacific ocean. Our time was full with meetings, but with every opportunity that came up, I, along with at least one other friend, made my way over to the water. Some of the times we were able to go down to the beach and others the waves were just too high. The two times we actually walked on the beach we were only able to be there for a few minutes because of the waves.

On Sunday when we were leaving, the sun was out and the sky was blue. The view I could see in the distance of Morro Rock was just incredible as it stood tall in the water with huge puffy clouds looming overhead looking like they were holding the rain for the next storm. People were walking on the beach and I really wanted to, but knew it was best to get home since I didn’t know what the weather would be like as I headed inland.

The trip home, again through San Luis Obispo proved to be quite a beautiful drive. The sky and landscape after or during a pause in a storm are always so incredibly wonderful to see.

Click on each of the links above to see drone videos of the different locations or here to see photos in my gallery of our local area here on the Central Coast of California.

Camera Settings: 70mm 1/3000, f/6.7, ISO 250

Thanks for stopping. Carolyn

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