There’s Still Life on Friday

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This weeks Wednesday Stories was a color story.  Carolyn and I were discussing stories and we thought it might be fun to share something with a design them instead of the journalistic approach we have been taking.  Well, as journalistic as a dog bath can be.

The blue bowls which were featured in Wednesday’s stories were so much fun to photograph I needed to share them for one more blog post.  The bowls were given to me by my sister 27 years ago, as an anniversary gift.

During the winter months there is limited light, so I photographed the bowls this past Sunday.  I got up early, got all of my chores done and was ready to photograph with the first hint of light.  Unfortunately, the sky was extremely gray, not emitting much light at all, but I found that the defused light actually worked to my advantage.  I got my composition all set up and began shooting.  I had recently watched a video on food photography which discussed using a 100mm macro lens for this type of photography. The video suggested using this lens because of the magnification a macro lens offers, so of course I had to try it.  I had almost sold my 100mm macro lens about one year ago, but decided to keep it and I’m so happy that I did.

I found that it worked extremely well, I loved how the magnification of the lens was able to show the detail in the bowls and also how tack sharp the bowls were.  I also decided to use the chop sticks, not only as an accent for the theme, but as a leading line to bring your eye from the corner of the photograph and lead it into the photograph.   The chop sticks lead your eye to the line of the wall and table, creating a triangle between the chop sticks, wall and bowls, which forces your eye to move around the photograph.  I used the blue linen napkin to highlight the pop of blue in the bowls, also giving a contrast to all of the light colors in the composition.

Although the photograph is of bowls, you can apply this theory to any design or any type of still life in your own home.

Thanks for sharing in the blue theme this week and to see more of my work please visit me here.  Until next time … Debra


February is here! It’s incredible how quickly the weeks and months pass. It feels as though it was just yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas and the New Year. And now spring is in the air … or at least starting to show up on some of our local trees. We had a 75 degree day this week and others that were close to that. It’s just that kind of weather that causes the buds to peak through.

Personally, I’m excited about spring. I love all of the pretty flowers and pretty colors that you find everywhere. My photo today is a little glimpse of spring, with the buds on the little branch, the pretty pink ribbon that makes me think of flowers, my February calendar page and the little rustic bucket.

When I take still life, I usually just have one or two little items in mind that I plan on using and as I lay the pieces out on my white foam core board, other ideas come to mind and the photo unfolds.  Creativity has always been a part of who I am and this process is intriguing to me. In recent months I’ve found myself scanning the shelves at local stores, the trees and plant life around me and items in my home to use as props for this still life journey I am on.

In addition to my search for props, I also search for light. My home faces to the south and that tends to be the side of the house year round that has the best light. When I open the shades in my little studio/craft room the light just pours in and has come to be my favorite location.

Camera Settings: 50mm, 1/4000, f/1.8, ISO 640


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