Sunday Landscapes

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February is most definitely here!  I find this to be the most difficult winter month for me.  By now, I am very desperately longing for some spring weather and sun! This winter we have not had nearly as much snow as last year (2.5 inches vs. 27 inches last year), but it’s been one of the most dismal, gray winters I can remember in quite a long time.

While thinking of what landscape to share for our Sunday photo, I did not have the desire to share another gray sky with everyone.   So, I looked through my unedited photographs and came upon this beautiful summer photograph.  It was taken August 20, 2016, in Brigantine during the early morning hours.  Not only is summer my favorite time of year, Brigantine is my favorite beach.  Although my husband and I love Ocean City, Brigantine is the beach we normally frequent to relax and just have some down time.  This beach is much quieter than Ocean City.  It does not have a boardwalk, the beach is much wider, there no jetties and it seems to be a more quiet and peaceful place for a Sunday morning. We love it so much, we have often looked at houses to move onto the island. During this Sunday we arrived around 9:00 A.M., just in time to find the lifeguards setting up for the day.  I find it fun to watch as they set up the lifeguard station, situate the boats and put the flags in the sand indicating where people are allowed to swim and not swim.

When I look at Carolyn’s photographs of the West Coast beaches I am often struck by the contrast in the terrain between the East Coast and the West Coast. I think our two photographs today demonstrate those exact differences.  The texture of the sand is quite different, the West Coast beach looks so much more rocky, the water seems to be a bit less calm and the sky is such a different shade of blue with many more clouds.  Her photographs often remind me of Maine, which has a completely different type of beach than NJ does.  This particular Sunday, the water was very calm, probably low tide, the clouds hung low in the sky just giving the pale blue sky a pop of color and the water was a beautiful pale shade of blue.  I don’t think there could be a better way to describe Sunday morning than this photograph.

Whether you are on the East Coast or the West Coast, just being fortunate enough to live near a beach is a piece of heaven here on earth.

Have a great week ahead everyone and I hope you visit me here.  Until next time … Debra

California Coast

On the right day, the coast is just gorgeous this time of year. During low tide you can walk the distance from Morro Rock to the Cayucos Pier. It’s about 6 miles. Morro Bay and Cayucos are just tiny little beach towns. Cayucos has a population of less than 3000. The Cayucos Pier is just to my right and you can see the Rock in the distance near the center of this photograph. Every summer there is a ‘Rock to Pier Fun Run’. This will be the 48th year. I’ve never participated in this, but maybe one day I will.

This January day, everything was perfect! The sky was filled with wispy clouds and bits of blue peeking through. The sun was shining and the tide was low. We were easily able to take a nice walk down the beach. On this crisp day, we found beautiful shiny rocks just splashed with the ocean’s waves, stepped on seaweed pods and listened to them pop under our feet and just gazed out at the water with a seemingly endless view. Ah … to just be able to be here for days on end with nothing more to do … maybe one day …

If you’d like to see more images of California, you can click here to see my gallery.

Camera Settings: 28mm, 1/2000, f/5.6, ISO 250



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