Friday Still Life Hearts & Love

Let all that you do be done with Love …    1 Corinthians 16:14
02-10-17-hearts_12_logoblog _MG_1459 with heart logo.jpg

This week’s theme was hearts for Valentine’s Week.  Today’s photograph was something new for me.  I always admire the “top down” photographs that I see on Instagram and Pinterest, yet I always struggle with this type of composition.  So, today I had a little extra time to try and play around with this type of composition.  I had purchased some tulips a few days ago and I was waiting for them to open just to perfection and luckily for me, today was the day!  Since our theme was hearts, I remembered I had this trinket box, given to me by my sister, for my bridal shower some 15 years ago.  It is a three tier wedding cake and each section is a trinket box, the beautiful part about this box, is that each section has a beautiful carving of flowers and doves on the top of each heart.  Perfect for the theme chosen for this week.

Not only have I wanted to try this type of composition, but I have been wanting to use old sheet music as a background for a simple composition, such as this.  My oldest and dearest friend,  just happens to be a music teacher, so I called upon her to locate some old and worn sheet music for me.  I think it worked beautifully with the simplicity of the tulips, chosen in white to compliment the white in the trinket box.  I arranged the composition on my new “old” door for an antique look.  The pink ribbon was used for a pop of color and to tie together the pink in the carving on the trinket box.

We had snow here in NJ today, which allowed for some fabulous diffused light which is always lovely to photograph still life compositions in.  My camera setting for today’s composition were: ISO 200; f/1.4; 1/160 sec and I used my 50mm Sigma Art Lens.  I also used Kim Klassen’s preset Rain to bring down the tones in the photo giving it a more muted look.

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day and a fabulous week ahead.  Thank you for following along and we always welcome viewers.  So, please invite your friends to follow along too.

If you would like to follow my work please visit me here.  Until next time … Debra

It’s Friday … two very different hearts and the ampersand sign. It’s the weekend before Valentines Day. Maybe I’ll get a bit personal today. We were and are two very different souls … although we are much the same too.  Jim and I met in early ’78. He was a very good looking guy who happened to be wearing the same clothes as me on that pleasant day in Santa Maria. It was me who was wearing boys clothes, green army pants and a white t-shirt. The only difference was mine had a few tiny flowers embroidered near the shoulder. I sat near where he was and we started talking.

Our relationship moved quickly. We moved in together after a very very short time … maybe just a week. We lived together just 8 short months before we were married. The wedding plans that had begun were cut short with the idea of going to Las Vegas to tie the knot. His parents and grandparents had both been married there.

The Candlelight Wedding Chapel was our choice for that very special day. It looked most like a church, which was important to me. Besides my Mom and stepdad who were there as witnesses, there was just the man who married us and the lady who played the piano. My dress was simply made compared to the one I had originally planned. The thin spaghetti straps and gathered waist just fit my tiny body. The lace shawl, loaned to me by a friend was the perfect final touch on this fall day where we began our lives together, me at 20 and him 21.

This past November we celebrated our 38th anniversary. God has blessed us with three beautiful daughters, wonderful son in laws and nine incredible grandchildren. Who would have thought those two young kids would still be married today and have such a beautiful family. I’m very thankful to God for His blessings in our life!


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