Sunday Scenery from NJ to CA

59th-street-bridge_oc_logo _MG_6886 logo.jpg

The earth has music for those who listen.  –  George Santayana

Memories by Debra

Remembering the past is so important, not just for our own personal experience, but for prosperity.  My photograph today was taken on January 2, 2012 at 7:23 AM in Ocean City, NJ.  I had read much about the 59th Street pier and could not wait to photograph this treasure for myself.  The pier had been just a skeleton by the time I photographed it, but there was a certain charm about this old structure, that drew photographers from near and far to come and have their chance with it’s beauty.  The reason for photographing it at this precise time of year is because of the Winter Solstice.  During the winter months, the sun is so low in the sky, I was able to catch the sun just coming over the horizon as it peeked through the pilings.  To create the sunburst effect, I set my f-stop at 22, which created the star effect in the sun.

This pier drew people from wedding parties to family portraits, to photographers such as myself, to come and have their photographs taken by it and of it.  Sadly, Super Storm Sandy destroyed the skeleton which you see in my photograph.  The pier is a mere memory now, in our minds and in print, but if you wanted to visit this end of the beach, the pier is now gone and the jetty that led up to it is no longer there.  Man came in and redid the entire beach area and it is not even recognizable anymore.  The charm and history, however, live on in our memories and in what photographers chose to represent in their photographs.

So, remember the past and document it.  Photography is so much more than a snapshot, it is history and it’s meaning is more than just a picture hanging on a wall.  This photograph does adorn my family room wall in a life size 30×40 print.

Thank you for sharing in my memories.  Until next time …

Rolling Hills

My photo today is of a portion of the rolling hills I mentioned on Friday. This is actually a dip between the hills. As I leave my home, heading down the dirt road, I drive for just under a mile before I get to the highway. Once I’m there and I turn towards town, this is the view off to my right. The green normally doesn’t last for long. This year, because of all the rains we’ve gotten, I’m really hoping it stays green longer.

Just to the south of these hills, there was an old almond orchard. It’s long since dried up and the trees that remain standing are so close to dead. They do get some blossoms in the springtime and some leaves but don’t produce any sort of crop.

Some people feel these rolling hills are boring. It’s difficult for me to see how someone could think any part of God’s creation is boring. They are actually a huge part of the landscape here in California. We can note the changes of the season by the variation of color in these hills as they go from this emerald green, to golden, to the deep brown of the dirt when the ground is tilled.

Special techniques to get this shot … None … I basically just pulled over to the side of the road and snapped. Sometimes they turn out amazing that way! 🙂

Have a happy Sunday! To see more of my California photos you can click here.

Camera Settings: 28-135mm at 44 mm, 1/350, f/9.5, ISO 100


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