Shades of Friday Still Life

02-23-17-stil-life_10_logo _MG_1695 logo.jpg

Light and shadows, isn’t that what photography is really all about?  The light!  I really struggled with today’s photograph.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find inspiration in ordinary inanimate objects, but then it came to me.  I have had the pussy willows featured in today’s photograph for what seems like forever and every time I walk past them, I still love them.

So today, I decided to bring my vase of pussy willows upstairs for the fabulous light in my studio.  As I’ve mentioned before this room faces Southwest and at this time of day (4:07 pm EST) the sun was absolutely perfect for the look I was trying to achieve.  The sun was coming in through the double window from the right (West) and lit the pussy willows and curtain just enough to offset the darkness of the wall and floor.  It also painted just a hint of a shadow on the wall, adding to the overall feel of the photograph.   The light offset the dark walnut floor boards perfectly creating the balance of light and shadow I was looking for.

I think as artists, or anyone for that matter, we all have mental blocks from time to time and question what we do.  Then an inspiration pops into your mind, and those doubts fade away and fade quickly!  Follow your heart and you too will find your light and the shadows will only enhance that light.

Have a great weekend, until next time … Debra

A hot cup of honey chamomile tea, some pretty flowers giving me the hope of spring and journal … the perfect combination for this rainy day.

Flat-lay photography is kind of a fun style that I’m enjoying. Anyone can take this type of picture, although it can be challenging too! Just gather some of your favorite items … or something that is nearby and lay them out on a tabletop, floor, or some neutral surface. Place them in an orderly manner, get above them and shoot. I like taking pictures of items that either represent me or what I’m doing on that particular day.

I love how you can see the design of the flowers through the tea in this adorable mug I got at TJ Maxx. A neutral colored journal is always a favorite for me, and I love the red and white flowers. The pencil is really just there to add an extra element to the scene because I normally write with a pen. 🙂

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