Friday Florals & Still Life

03-03-17_farmhouse_kklaraplus_1_logo Daisies in a Pitcher logo.jpg

Like Carolyn, I too make special stops to purchase flowers, sometimes at the grocery store, and sometimes at one of my two favorite flower shops.  The tulips featured in my photograph today were purchased from the same florist who did all of the flowers for my daughter’s wedding.  Marcy, the shop owner, is always fun to speak with and she always has something interesting to talk about, usually wedding related.

Flowers always make me feel happy.  When I’ve had a difficult week or feel a bit down about something, stopping to purchase a bunch of flowers always cheers me up.  It also cheers up my home, especially during the winter months when there isn’t much color outside.

Lately, the days are getting longer and the daylight is a welcome change from the long winter days.  This past weekend, I had Sunday all to myself, so it was a day filled with photography.  I had stopped to purchase the tulips on Saturday and by Sunday when I was ready to photograph them, they had opened nicely.  I wanted to keep the photograph basically white, with a pop of color.  The antique chair added just the pop of color I needed. The farmhouse sign added the touch of country I was looking for too.  I’m intrigued by the turn in home decor lately, it seems like signs are the “in” decoration, and why not, they are fun, simple and bring a touch of vintage to any room and any type of decor.  I really feel as though Pinterest has had so much to do with the trends we see today.  If you are looking for some inspiration, Pinterest is the place to go for just that.

If you are in need of something cheerful, make sure to buy yourself a bunch of flowers and maybe a fun sign to change things up a bit.

Thanks for reading today’s story and if you would like to view more or my work, please visit my website Debra Nancy Photography.  Have a great week and I’ll see you back here next week … Debra

Whenever I go to the grocery store, a stop in the flower section is a necessity! It use to be that I thought cut flowers were a waste of money. My mind has definitely changed on that! It’s a little splurge I make just for me. 🙂 We each need that. I consider it ‘soul care’. What is ‘soul care’ … very simply, it’s something you do for you. It might look like:

  • a casual cup of coffee or tea at a local coffee shop while you gaze through your Instagram or your favorite book
  • a quiet walk around the park, on the beach or through a mountain path
  • sitting on your porch quietly looking at the scenery
  • laying in bed an extra ten minutes in the morning before you get up and rush around

or …

  • buying yourself a pretty bouquet of flowers

Really, the list could go on and on … you’ll have to make up your own with what would truly be a soul break for you.

Flowers are really pretty and they are one thing that makes me feel good. Another thing that makes me feel good is taking a good picture of those flowers. 🙂 It is a lasting memory of that $7.99 bouquet I just bought!

To take this picture, I set up a table in my studio. The top was a little rustic for this shot, so I put a blank canvas on top as my base and a white foam core board behind the flowers for a pretty and simple background. A few things to look for when you take your picture …

  • the direction of the handle
  • flowers spread evenly on both sides of the vase
  • the lighting

Once I had these things right. I changed my camera settings, made sure I was focused on the flowers that were closest to me, kept a steady hand and shot.

Today’s camera settings were: 1/5000, f/1.8, ISO 500. I used a Kim Klassen preset to add texture and slightly change the color.

If you’d like to receive more tips on photography or see more of my work, you can click here. Thanks for stopping in and for reading. Oh … don’t forget to plan some ‘soul care’ breaks for yourself!


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