Sunday … a Local View

03-03-17-cape-may-42_logo San Antonio River California logo.jpg

Cape May – NJ

New Jersey is home to many beach towns, they all have a similar feel to them, yet are unique in some small way.  If you aren’t from NJ it’s difficult to explain this feeling you get from visiting each town.  Yet, if you are a resident of NJ and live close to a beach or visit often, then you definitely understand what I mean.  Each town, has a seaside feel to it, but there are subtle differences to each town.  Sandy Hook, which is located in Central NJ, has a more New York feel to it, and once you are south of Barnegat, the beaches take on a more Philadelphia feel.  Even the TV stations change once you are south of Barnegat and become Philadelphia based rather than New York based.

Today my husband and I visited Cape May, NJ.  Cape May has an absolutely beautiful beach and is a very quaint area with many bed and breakfasts.  The bed and  breakfasts date back to the 1800’s and have a very Victorian feel to them.  They are all painted in very vibrant and fun colors and are adorned with gingerbread trimmings. Aside from the bed and breakfast inns, Cape May has some amazing restaurants and shoppes.  Many of the shoppes are located on what is called the “Mall”, it’s not really a mall as we know it, but a beautiful area with cobblestone sidewalks and small stores and restaurants where there is outside dining during the summer months.

We happened upon this interesting shop with a bicycle parked outside, sporting a Cape May license plate.  So of course I needed to photograph it! The bicycle was covered in sea glass and had one completely flat tire and one nearly flat tire, giving it had an unspoken charm.  The sidewalk also had a compass rose (a navigational compass) in stone which added to the old time feel I got from the store with the worn doors and gingerbread on the bottom of the store windows.

If you are from the New York/Philadelphia area I encourage you to visit Cape May for the day or stay and make a weekend of it in one of the beautiful bed and breakfast inns.

For more of my photographs please visit me here.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time … Debra

San Antonio River

Driving along Nacimiento-Ferguson Road, with its low rolling hills, we were quite surprised when we came upon the long and wide bridge with this river beneath it. The San Antonio River,  just north of the lake bearing the same name is normally dry. The flowing river is a sign of a really great spring for us Californian’s who’ve been living in a drought for years!

As you can see, this river isn’t very deep. That seems to be the case with other rivers in our area. I love the rust colored brush growing up in the middle of it. It has a real California look. Although California is so varied in its scenery, this is one I’m very familiar with.

Jim and I don’t get out for drives very often these days. He is a truck driver and is driving everyday. I do love to explore though and was very thankful for this day and all the beauty we were able to see. For more views of California you can click here.

Camera Settings: 28mm, 1/4000, f/4.5, ISO 500

See you later in the week.



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