East – West Coast or Somewhere in Between

The world is big
and I want to have a good look at it
before it gets dark.
John Muir
03-03-17 Cape May-29_Logo Cayucos California logo.jpg

Around Town in Cape May by Debra

Mixed in with all of the beautiful Victorian Bed and Breakfast Inns and beautiful hotels are ordinary homes that everyday people live in.  As we walked around town I noticed how this area has also been hit hard by the economy in Atlantic and Cape May Counties.  This was once a pristine area, and please don’t misunderstand, there is still so much beauty in Cape May, but there are also people who are struggling.

Brian and I walked around town, and during the winter months there aren’t many people in any of the shore towns, just locals.  We happened upon this house with all of these rusted bicycles sitting in the side yard.  There was something about the run down windows and the rusted bicycles that spoke to me.

I don’t talk much about the struggles of what my town and this area in general have gone through in the last few years, but many people have lost their jobs and their homes. This area thrived while the casinos were booming, no longer booming, the economy and the people who live here have been hit hard.  I’m sure this is true of many areas across the United States, NJ is not alone in this downturn of jobs.

However, even though this home was rundown, I did notice the one small detail in the window box, the American flag. The resilience of the American people as a whole is remarkable.  What a story this old, rundown home tells, struggles, possibly? But it’s home for someone, regardless of the size or the faded curtains, home is home. My mom would always tell me when things got difficult “God never gives you more than you can handle”.  Difficult to believe at times, but so very true.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time … Debra

Cayucos to Morro Bay

Of the approximately 840 miles on the coast of California I don’t believe you’ll find one spot that isn’t incredibly beautiful! On this sunny and summerlike March day, I went over to get a photo for a potential client. Whether or not she buys this print from me, it gave me an opportunity to look at the view in Cayucos from a completely different angle. She wanted a photo capturing the rocks just below me in this photo all the way to Morro Rock and including some of the buildings in Cayucos. I’ve taken many photos in this great little beach town, but never from this exact location.

The beach is basically empty today, but during the summer months is filled with people. It’s a great spot for boogie boarding, beach combing or just generally enjoying the sun. A very family oriented beach. The pier was recently reinforced and so should stand strong for years to come.

We appreciate you stopping by.

Camera Settings: 28 mm lens, 1/750, f/11, ISO 400


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