Sunday Scenery

“The World is Quiet Here.” – Lemony Snicket

by Debra

04-09-17 Cherry Blossoms_31_Logo

Can you hear it?  If you close your eyes and breath in and out, I’ll bet you can hear what I heard while shooting this photograph.  Complete quiet with a small stream of water trickling into the pond.  Sunday morning is one of the nicest mornings of the week, especially when Spring is blooming.  I think this is true in most seasons, but during Spring it is a bit more peaceful and calming, flowers blooming and the scent of Spring in the air.  Today I woke up early and went for a drive.  There are several special spots I love to visit during the year, this being one of them.  The development I live and in the surrounding developments, we all have retention ponds.  This particular pond is just a mile or so down the road from my home.  The Cherry blossoms are at full bloom now and the scene was picture perfect!

I grew up in the city and we had two trees on our block.  The houses had small alleys between them, with small yards located behind the homes.  When I moved to Central New Jersey when I was 26 years old it was like culture shock.  We lived in a small development with a huge yard and trees around our home.  It took me quite a long time to adjust to the area. Fifteen years ago we moved to where I currently live, in Southern New Jersey, which is completely different from where I previously lived.  It took me even longer to become acclimated to this area of New Jersey, but now it’s most definitely home.  I love the quiet of where I live and the fact that there are less people who live in this part of the state.

As I looked at the gazebo this morning thinking of how I wanted to compose this shot, I knew I wanted to emphasize the flowers, that’s what Spring is about, the blooming earth and how it has awakened from winter.  Therefore, the scenery is blurred enough to put emphasis on the flowers but to also give you a feel of the scene.  The reflection in the pond of the gazebo and trees which have not bloomed yet, and the beautiful pink buds in the foreground showing how Spring has begun to arrive.  If you don’t venture out on a beautiful, sunny morning, I encourage you to try it.  Just sit and enjoy the quiet for a while, it will be a great way to begin your day and especially the new week.

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you next time … Debra

_MG_3812 logo.jpg

It seemed as though winter had set in again on this cold April morning. The sky was filled with clouds overhead and thick heavy rain clouds in the distance. We decided to continue on with our hunt for wildflowers regardless.

We headed in the direction of Shandon. Our goal was to go to Shell Creek Road. It is typically the place for wildflowers here on the Central Coast. Once we got there, I actually was slightly disappointed, but there were quite a few more wildflowers than other years. The sun was still hidden behind the clouds, so the lighting wasn’t what I had hoped for either. We made the best of it.

While there weren’t as many as I had hoped, there were still areas that were blanketed with yellow and pretty patches of purple. I suppose all the talk had my expectations higher than was realistic. The lupine stood high above the yellow flowers and seemed to be calling out just to be photographed. I love the purple and pretty white tips of these delicate flowers.

The hunt for wildflowers is always a pleasant drive, no matter how many we find. The road is an easy drive and not too far from where I live. Any chance to get out in the country is great for me …

Camera Settings: 40 mm, 1/250 sec, f/6.7, ISO 160

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