Sunday Scenery

Last But Not Least by Debra

04-09-17 Oyster Creek-8_Logo

A farewell of sorts … in 2016 Carolyn and I decided to try a blog together.  We have been friends since 2009 when we both took an online photography class.  After all those years of being friends we thought we would try to work together from NJ and California.  Not an easy task by any means, just the time difference alone is difficult.  Then once you factor in our very busy lives it was quite an undertaking.  However, we thought we would give it a go, and we did, but sadly it proved to be a bit too much for both of us.  So, with this last scenery photography from NJ, we are signing off as a team.  Of course, we will remain friends, who hopefully one day we will actually meet in person, not just over the phone and online.  We will each continue our own personal endeavors, me with DebraNancy Photography and Carolyn with CarolynV Photography.  That being said, I wanted to share this very last landscape photograph from a place in NJ that I frequent quite often.

Oyster Creek Inn is a seafood eatery located on the Great Bay Leeds Point New Jersey.  It’s quite rustic with great seafood and live music.  In the summer there is a wait for over an hour at times, and many locals frequent this establishment.  I felt that this last photograph should truly represent an area that represents where I now live.  I moved to Southern NJ in 2002 when I was remarried and  my husband was stationed in Cape May as a drill instructor in the US Coast Guard.  My daughter, then only 11 years old, was so upset that I moved her from her friends and family, it took nearly 2 years before she really was okay with my decision.  Now, looking back, I can’t imagine my life any other way.  Sure, sometimes I long to go back to what was once my home, but looking back doesn’t really get you anywhere.  What I came to realize was it’s not the house you live in or the area you are used to but it’s the love and family you create that fulfills your life.  It’s a difficult road sometimes, but if you just let your heart guide you, it truly does know what is right and what isn’t.  I now have a fabulous husband, a wonderful daughter who recently was married, a fabulous job and I am truly at peace with the decisions I’ve made along the way.

This photograph, truly gives you a feel for the where I live, what my life has become and who I am.  I believe that sometimes black and white photography can portray the absolute feeling of what I photograph, the color removed gives a complete understanding of an area, object or person where color may enhance a photograph, black and white removes the glamor and shows the raw emotion.

I want to thank you all for following along, taking your time to share in our journey and I look forward to seeing you on my personal blog.  I will be adding each of you to my own blog and if you feel as though you do not want to follow me, you may unsubscribe, but I really hope you follow along.  So, for now, so long and I’ll see you on the other side.

Thank you all … Debra

So Long For Now by Carolyn

_MG_2159 logo

Short words for me today … 

This has been quite a journey. Debra and I have gotten to know one another better and hopefully you’ve gotten to know us better as well. My photo today is taken on the Pacific Coast Highway, or Highway 1. This is one of my most favorite drives in California. The road seemed to be fitting for today as this is our last post to share in this part of our journey. We are both going to focus on our individual photography businesses and will be happy to have you join us there. If you don’t already get my blog, you can sign up here. 

Thank you for traveling along. It’s been fun!



9 thoughts on “Sunday Scenery

  1. Great job ladies
    I am certain that your blog will be missed by many
    Excellent photos to end on

  2. Thank you ladies for beautiful photos and fun-filled stories on your blog – felt as though you allowed us into your life to share many of your life experiences and learn a little more about photography.

    Best of luck to you both with your individual blogs!!

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