A Friday Floral

Cupcakes and Flowers by Debra

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Happiness is a state of mind, or so people say.  Sometimes it’s difficult to be in that frame of mind, life sometimes interferes.  When I was sick, the one thing that brightened my day was taking photographs.  I would often go to the beach and disappear in my art.  Just being able to engulf yourself in what truly brings you peace and happiness is sometimes a Godsend.

I am not a terribly religious person, not to say I don’t believe in God, but I am not one for going to mass each week.  I don’t know when that happened, I think it was sometime after my mother passed away. I became disenchanted with a formal church, but I still pray in my own way.

Lately, I think still life photography, flowers and inanimate objects, oddly bring me peace.  They are quiet, interesting and give me the ability to create what I want to convey to others.  Today’s topic was a combination of a few scrumptious cupcakes, from my favorite bakery, The Bake Works in Linwood, NJ and some of the beautiful flowers I received for Administrative Professionals Day from my boss, who treats us all exceptionally well.  So, there it is, the strange things that bring me peace.  It’s not really the objects that bring me true peace, but photographing them.  I encourage you to find the one thing that brings you peace, and relish in it as often as possible.

Thanks for stopping by … Debra

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What fills your days? Do you take time for yourself? This world provides so much opportunity for us to be busy and have full schedules. Sometimes I think it’s a common thought that if you aren’t busy you aren’t doing enough. I’m a firm believer in taking time for myself … I don’t always do it, but it is my goal. It’s in those times we allow ourselves ‘free time’ that we can recharge ourselves. Everything needs a ‘recharge’ … our phones are a good example … we recharge them daily … plug them into their power source so they can be re-energized for the next day. If we don’t, they quit working. We are much the same. If we don’t ‘recharge’ one day we will quit working as well.

The main way I ‘recharge’ is in my walk with Jesus. He is my power source. I spend time reading His Word, talking to Him and listening to worship music daily and that is how I make it through every day. Sometimes I spend time just sitting. What would be your way of recharging?

Today I just encourage you to find that place in your day where you can recharge.

Camera Settings: 50mm, 1/2000, f/2.5, ISO 800

Be blessed today …