A Friday Floral

Cupcakes and Flowers by Debra

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Happiness is a state of mind, or so people say.  Sometimes it’s difficult to be in that frame of mind, life sometimes interferes.  When I was sick, the one thing that brightened my day was taking photographs.  I would often go to the beach and disappear in my art.  Just being able to engulf yourself in what truly brings you peace and happiness is sometimes a Godsend.

I am not a terribly religious person, not to say I don’t believe in God, but I am not one for going to mass each week.  I don’t know when that happened, I think it was sometime after my mother passed away. I became disenchanted with a formal church, but I still pray in my own way.

Lately, I think still life photography, flowers and inanimate objects, oddly bring me peace.  They are quiet, interesting and give me the ability to create what I want to convey to others.  Today’s topic was a combination of a few scrumptious cupcakes, from my favorite bakery, The Bake Works in Linwood, NJ and some of the beautiful flowers I received for Administrative Professionals Day from my boss, who treats us all exceptionally well.  So, there it is, the strange things that bring me peace.  It’s not really the objects that bring me true peace, but photographing them.  I encourage you to find the one thing that brings you peace, and relish in it as often as possible.

Thanks for stopping by … Debra

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What fills your days? Do you take time for yourself? This world provides so much opportunity for us to be busy and have full schedules. Sometimes I think it’s a common thought that if you aren’t busy you aren’t doing enough. I’m a firm believer in taking time for myself … I don’t always do it, but it is my goal. It’s in those times we allow ourselves ‘free time’ that we can recharge ourselves. Everything needs a ‘recharge’ … our phones are a good example … we recharge them daily … plug them into their power source so they can be re-energized for the next day. If we don’t, they quit working. We are much the same. If we don’t ‘recharge’ one day we will quit working as well.

The main way I ‘recharge’ is in my walk with Jesus. He is my power source. I spend time reading His Word, talking to Him and listening to worship music daily and that is how I make it through every day. Sometimes I spend time just sitting. What would be your way of recharging?

Today I just encourage you to find that place in your day where you can recharge.

Camera Settings: 50mm, 1/2000, f/2.5, ISO 800

Be blessed today …



Wednesday Stories

Shades of Neutral by Debra

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by Carolyn

Wednesday Wildflowers

Friday Still Life

“Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart.” – Winnie the Pooh

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Transition is something we experience throughout life, in many areas of who we are and what we do.  As I get older, I become more sentimental about so many things.  It’s so difficult to think how fast time has gone by.  This year I turned 55 and it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was 18 and 21 and 26 and 29.  All memorable ages for me, 18 is a year when you believe you are an adult, yet you really have so much to learn; 21 is another age of freedom.  I lost a very close friend when I turned 21, she died in a car accident and it made me think about how immortal I really wasn’t.  At 26 I got married and three years later at 29 I became a mom. All very memorable events in my lifetime, and yet it they all seem like yesterday.  My daughter turned 26 this past week and now she is beginning to feel the immortality starting to kick in. Not that 26 is old, because it’s quite young, but it probably seems old to her.  Once you reach a certain age, time seems to just move quicker than it once did.

I’ve had so many transitions in many aspects of my life and with my art I am experiencing another transition.  I was chatting with Carolyn on Wednesday afternoon and we were discussing how our photography has taken such a turn in the past year.  I think art is an extension of who we are and with each stage of life, things change and it’s reflected in what we do, who we are, who our friends are and with me, how I view life which in turn is reflected in my photography.  For a while I thought I could make money taking photographs of people, but in reality, it’s the quiet and thought process which makes me really appreciate and excel in photography.  I prefer to be alone with my thoughts, being creative and thinking about how I want to compose what I see in my mind.  It’s that satisfaction of seeing my work laid out in front of me and in it’s final process – in print that truly brings me joy.

Transitions are part of life, but how you handle those transitions and move forward is what truly defines whether you will find your inner peace or not.

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With Spring comes flowers! Transition is a good word! Our lives change from season to season. Sometimes those changes are difficult to handle and other times we move into the next season with ease. I can think of times in life where I’ve experienced both!

The divisions of the year are the same. Typically when we get towards the end of one season I begin to look forward to the next. Some I’m more anxious to get out of … winter would be one of those. I’m a warm weather girl … cold days and nights don’t agree with me unless I’m snuggled up under a blanket sitting in front of a cozy fire in our wood stove.

Spring is an especially wonderful season to arrive. The stark landscape begins to take on color. There is gorgeous green in every direction. The barren trees begin to bloom. Little tiny flowers begin to pop up across the landscape and before we know it, there are flowers everywhere!

What a beautiful part of creation God has given us to enjoy. Spring brings new life to everything around us and new life to each of us as we step out of the dreariness of winter into this glorious colorful season!

… silver white winters that melt into spring, these are a few of my favorite things …

Camera Settings: 50mm, 1/1000, f/3/5, ISO 400

Happy Spring to you!