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“One who has hope lives differently.”― Pope Benedict XVI

By Debra

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Spring is a season of renewal and hope.  You can feel the energy when you smell the air and breath in the sweet aromas of flowers, grass and even the spring rain.  Life is very much like the seasons, as human beings we go through many situations during our lifetime, some fun and happy and others are difficult and sometimes sad.

Someone very close to me is going through a very difficult time right now and it brings back memories of when I went through a similar situation in my life.  I wish that I could make all of the pain and unpleasantness he is experiencing go away.  Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to make it easier and less painful for him.  It breaks my heart to know how sick and unhappy he is.

After speaking with him today, I felt such a heaviness in my heart and I needed something fresh and bright to express how good life is.  I purchased these tulips several days ago, I always feel as though it takes a few days for tulips to be just perfect to photograph.  It is one flower, that becomes more beautiful with time.  I wanted to share what hope and renewal feel and look like to me.  With certain life situations, it’s sometimes difficult to find the light but always easy to see the darkness. Hope is what gets us through the darkest of times, without hope there is truly nothing.  I think it’s human nature to see the bad and not see the good, finding the good in a bad situation is never easy, but it’s that goodness and hope that gets us through the darkest times in our lives.

I pray that he finds the light and the hope in his heart gets him through.  Life is precious and sometimes it takes life threatening situations to make us realize how precious each and every day is.

Thank you for listening … Until next time … Debra

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Flowers have become a very favorite subject of mine. I suppose that’s one reason I like spring … there are flowers everywhere. These roses grow on long vines with small almond shaped leaves were growing at the back of a parking lot in town. I drive through this lot several times a week and have been waiting for the opportunity to stop and clip a few off. It wasn’t just a rose bush, it was a huge rose wall! Probably 10-12 feet in the air and maybe 50 feet in length. So today, I remembered to stop and clip.

Our life is like a thorny rose, not perfect but always beautiful.
Kirston D. Warfield

Camera Settings: 50mm, 1/180, f/2.5, ISO 100

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Spring is Coming!

No matter how cold the winter, spring is sure to follow.

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Signs of Spring by Debra

Spring is 33 days away as I write this, and daylight savings time begins March 12th. Definitely a plus in my book!  There is something about the arrival of spring that makes people happy, well it makes me happy, so I assume others are happy too.  People in general seem to have a spark in their eyes, they seem to just smile more.  Winter seems to be the longest season, even though it’s the same amount of time as every other season.

We have noticed an influx of spring flowers in our area too, oh let’s not get crazy, this is still NJ and the potted plants won’t arrive until March.  That’s when most of the greenhouse owners return from Florida and re-open their establishments for business again. Which is an exciting time for me and many others.  I love seeing all of the pansies and daffodils come to life, planting season is not far behind.  The grass will begin to get green again, the trees will begin to bud and yes, Spring will be here.

So today I share with you one of my favorite flowers, ever!  TULIPS.  Tulips without a doubt signify Spring, they come in so many beautiful colors and even styles.  They are just fun to photograph.  They are a bit unruly, but that is the fun in photographing them.  And what says Spring more than pink?!  Pink is one of my favorite colors and these tulips were a very pretty shade of pale and dark pinks, not to mention the pop of colorful green to compliment the pink.  Yes, this says Spring for sure!  So please enjoy my interpretation of tulips and their representation of Spring.  I think the saying even sums up Spring!  The countdown to Spring has begun and I’ll be sharing more photographs to bring some sunshine your way.

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Seasons, Flowers & Still Life

Each season has its plusses, but I too along with Debra, long for spring.  I suppose it’s that way with every season. They are all enjoyable in one way or another but as we get towards the end of a season, we’re ready for the next. Here in California, during this winter, we’ve been blessed with our share of rain. What a wonderful sight the hills are right now. I live right in the middle of what are golden rolling hills 90% of the time. This year they are a deep yet bright green and I’m hoping they’ll stay that way. We don’t have many flowers out here, but Trader Joes had a great supply!

In my photograph today, I am also featuring tulips, some baby’s breath and this great little tray I borrowed from my daughter for this little photo shoot. I placed each of the items on a wooden crate the ladies at my church gave me several years ago, to give it a little more texture and much-needed height! The window light has been just stunning this time of year and is currently my favorite spot for taking photographs. Today I chose to use my flash to give some light on the front of display. In the end, I had to bounce the flash off the ceiling in order to not completely blow out the light coming in from the window. In my editing, I used a preset from Kim Klassen, who has been very inspirational to me in my still life work.

Camera settings: 50mm, 1/125, f/4.5, ISO 100.

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