Wednesday Stories

Shades of Neutral by Debra

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by Carolyn

Wednesday Wildflowers

Wednesday Stories

Spring Blossoms
by Debra

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From the Yard to the Vase
by Carolyn

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Stories in Blue

 Shades of Blue by Debra


A Blue Color Story by Carolyn


Wednesday Stories

Sunday Breakfast by Debra


Vanilla Latte by Carolyn


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Wednesday Stories – Week No. 1

We are trying something a bit different on Wednesdays during the month of December. We will be posting Wednesday Stories, essentially photographs that tell a story.  It’s a little challenging to tell a story without actually explaining why we have taken our photos.  Following our normal pattern, my photographs will be first from the East Coast and Carolyn’s photographs will follow from the West Coast.

We’ve started a new hashtag #coast2coastpix on Instagram.  We are encouraging you to post some of your photographs and say where you are from.  We would love to see where our followers live and learn something about you all.  Please comment on whether you like Wednesday Stories.  If it is a huge success we may continue it past December.   I hope you enjoy this twist, and we look forward to your #coast2coastpix photographs…

The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.” ∼ Henry Green

east coast

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Debra Nancy Photography

west coast

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Carolyn V Photography